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R3Tracker Engaging & Inclusive

R3Tracker’s intuitive interface reduces the time taken to report issues, enabling access to more residents and providing Councils with a complete and comprehensive set of information to enable them to quickly resolve reported issues. 

Designed based on our experience in communication and accessibility the app has been designed with ease of use as a priority.


The unique design of R3Tracker, allows residents the opportunity to engage easily with their Council, when they discover issues.

Residents can create an account for repeat reporting, opt for a single use log in or report on an anonymous basis, in multiple languages.

Our cloud hosted technology is designed to operate as an app on Android or IOS or on PCs and Macs through web-page forms. As well as having the option for Council agents to complete forms on behalf of residents if required.

R3Tracker Accurate Reporting

The standardisation of data capture is essential to help accelerate solutions to resident issues and to ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting to councillors on individual performance.