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Our vision is to use technology to make everyday life simpler; to help resolve community issues and ease the burden on councils, with smart solutions that engage residents and streamline processes.

R3 Tracker’s highly skilled team works collaboratively with Councils, to understand current difficulties, explore new possibilities and develop effective solutions, to long-standing or complex challenges.

Utilising technology and automation to simplify processes and create a transparent customer journey.

About Us

We are a values-driven organisation, built on the foundations of communityship. Our key values are Integrity, Inclusivity and Innovation.

Integrity – We believe in having the courage to do the right thing, delivering on our commitments and putting our client’s needs first.

We build trusted relationships and deliver results that bring long-
lasting and sustainable benefits.

Inclusivity – we believe in creating an environment where everyone is valued equally and where we recognise people’s individuality.

We take the time to listen to different perspectives, so we can better understand the needs of our clients, stakeholders and the wider community.

Innovation – We believe in an open and learning culture where people feel confident to share concepts, explore opportunities and get excited about new technologies.

We work collaboratively with our clients and partners so that ideas can be transformed into solutions.

About Us

For every client we sponsor a wellbeing programme for a primary school in your area.


About Us R3Tracker

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